Creating those sauces that everyone likes (but nobody seems to know how to make), is not as difficult as you might think.  You don’t need a degree in French, ten years working in a five star restaurant or a natural gift for culinary creativity – you just need a little enthusiasm and a good recipe.

Many of the more exotic sauces are nothing more than a basic sauce with added bits, so it is possible for almost anyone to create them with a little care and the ability to follow simple instructions.

This site is for those people, the sauce lovers, who are not yet sauce creators; the sauceophiles who are still saucephobic; the budding cooks who still rely on a packet or a bottle of sauce to finish off an otherwise entirely hand crafted meal.

We’ve gathered together as many well known sauce recipes as we can find, listed the ingredients, reduced the cooking instructions to a set of fool-proof steps, and graded the entire process as ‘Easy’, ‘Moderate’ or’ Challenging’.


And if we don’t have a recipe for the sauce you need to create, let us know and we will find one!